Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today is the fourteenth, and that makes it one of the best days of the month. Not because the fourteenth day of, this, the month of July, happens to be a Thursday- which does serve to sweeten the effervescence of this day; but because tomorrow is the fifteenth, and that, people, means payday!

Payday is the day that every twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight and twenty nine year old looks forward to the most. It’s the day where the pit in our stomachs, will briefly recede; because for a moment the clawing grapple, that living paycheck to paycheck induces, temporarily subsides.

The night before payday is like Christmas Eve; it’s the night we wait with childhood anticipation for real-life Santa to bestow upon us our bi weekly gift. Always promising to be good and spend wisely the next pay period; a promise that will no doubt be brushed by the way side with tomorrow’s endowment. It’s the cycle- I’m used to it.

I live for payday eve. I’ve been known on an occasion or two to spend my last monies on a tidbit for myself; a reward for making it two more weeks without having to grovel from my parents.

At this point in my life, I call that’s winning.

Nevertheless, today is a special day; Happy Pay Day Eve. Buy yourself something nice!

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